About Charles

Charles Cheung 擁 有 超 過 十 五 年 人 像 攝 影 經 驗 , 主 力 從 事 婚 禮 攝 影 工 作 , 平 日 愛 好 攝 影 、 旅 遊 及 寫 作 , 為 She.com 、 雅 虎 香 港 、 DCFever.com 及 《 婚 禮 》 雜 誌 專 欄 作 家 。 曾 接 受 亞 洲 電 視 、 香 港 寬 頻 電 視 、 新 城 電 台 、 香 港 電 台 、 婚 禮 雜 誌 、 攝 影 雜 誌 、 明 報 等 訪 問 , 太 陽 日 報 更 以 大 篇 幅 細 述 作 為 攝 影 師 之 奮 鬥 故 事 。 曾 獲 新 力 香 港 ( S O N Y ) 聘 請 於 展 覽 中 心 舉 行 攝 影 3 0 0 人 講 座 , 並 長 期 專 注 於 攝 影 藝 術 工 作 , 努 力 發 展 婚 紗 及 婚 禮 攝 影 , 希 望 以 高 品 質 作 為 首 要 考 慮 因 素 。 專 業 的 攝 影 工 作 , 必 須 用 心 去 投 入 , 才 能 日 益 進 步 。 亦 分 別 於 2012 年 被 She.com 及 2013 年 Wedding Magazine 選 為 香 港 婚 禮 十 大 攝 影 師 , 是 香 港 婚 禮 攝 影 界 代 表 人 物 之 一 。

十 大 香 港 婚 禮 攝 影 師 – 2012 by she.com
最 佳 口 碑 大 賞 – 2012 by wedding magazine
十 大 香 港 婚 禮 攝 影 師 – 2013 by Wedding Magazine
十 大 攝 影 達 人 – 2013 by DCFever.com
最 佳 攝 影 藝 術 獎 – 2013 by photodilse.com
最 佳 攝 影 大 賞 – 2014 by Wedding Magazine

Being a renowned photographer in Hong Kong, Charles Cheung has over 15 years of experience in portrait photography, specializing in wedding photography. In his leisure time, Charles loves cars, photography, travelling and writing. Charles has been the columnist for numerous websites and magazines. Many of his photos and articles have been published in different media throughout the past.

Charles has created his unique style and technique in photo shooting, which is developed from his sophisticated composition, professional lighting technique incorporating the skills used for commercial advertisements, as well as his adventurous and inspiring ideas. The majority of his clients lies in the upper class of the consumer group, his clients in the past has included China’s Olympic Champion Zhang Yi Ning, celebrity Brandon Chau and his family, and the regional CEO of Citibank (Hong Kong). Hiring by clients to shoot overseas, Charles’ footprint has been left all over the world, the places he shot before included Paris, Prague, Italy, Japan, Korea, Denmark, England, Canada, Vienna, Australia, Thailand, Yunnan, Beijing and Shanghai, etc

In the suit of a Hong Kong photographer, Charles was honorably invited by the New York New Tang Dynasty TV for an interview. In Hong Kong, Charles has also been exposed in various media, such as Hong Kong Asia Television, Hong Kong Broadband Television, Hong Kong Metro Radio, Radio Television Hong Kong, Wedding Magazine, Photo Magazine, Ming Pao, etc. Moreover, Charles has been hired by SONY Corporation of Hong Kong Limited and Plaza Hollywood Limited to give public speeches in large-scale talks on photography held at the International Trade & Exhibition Centre and Plaza Hollywood respectively. Being one of the most representative figures in the Hong Kong photography industry, Charles’ reputation is highly recognized, who has also been listed as one of the top ten Hong Kong photographers by she.com in 2012 and Wedding Magazine in 2013.

Award :

Top 10 Hong Kong Photographers 2012 by she.com
The Best Repulation 2012 by wedding magazine
Top 10 Hong Kong Photographer 2013 by Wedding Magazine
Top 10 Master of Photography 2013 by DCFever.com
The Best PhotoArt of 2013 by photodilse.com
The Best Wedding Photography in Hong Kong 2014 by Wedding Magazine


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